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Sequel Officially Confirmed!

I am the branches (1)

We are happy to announce that Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain¬†is definitely getting a sequel!

Roberts has agreed to writing book 2, titled At Least I Didn’t Blow Up Our Moon, and is already hard at work on development. With only a few chapters finished, it will still be months before ARC’s are out, but you will definitely be getting a lot more of Penny, Ray and Clare! In fact, Richard and the lovely representatives from CAA have sights on a third novel as well, rounding out the story of Penny into a nice trilogy that follows her into adolescence. Will Penny stay a Supervillain or will she finally resolve herself to the more conventional superhero ways of her parents…

You can find an excerpt from the sequel here, and keep an eye out for first chapters, Richard has promised to give us a little taste of Book 2 soon.

Thank you from Richard and Curiosity Quills Press for your support and reviews, they have made this all possible!


Get it while it’s CHEAP!

If you still haven’t read Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain, then now you have no excuse! For today only,the eBook is on sale for 99 cents, so even if you have 99 problems, buying this book is NOT one of them!

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Check out the Amazon page, deal only live today!</p>