The Official Fan Page for Richard Robert's Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Super Villain

Fan Art!

Hey Supervillains! Richard is somewhere buried under piles of his drafts for Book 2, so I thought I’d stop by again and show you something he posted recently- Fan art of Penny!

Meet Remington ‘Remmy’ ‘The Kludge’ Fawkes, a native of the secret Jovian lunar colonies and a major, major character in the sequel.  She’s probably the most important character after Penny!

Remmy Fan art from Please Don't Tell my Parents I'm a Supervillain- Supervillain fan site


This is a piece by frothing fangirl Nikki, a friend of Richard’s. She’s getting the same deal his Alpha reader Lucy got: for her help, she gets immortalized in print, and her name’s Ampexia…

Stay Tuned!


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