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A Peek at Richard’s AMA on Reddit

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Here’s a taste, but you can find the whole AMA here!

[–]jenestes 2 points 18 days ago

So, who’s your all-time favorite superhero… or supervillain (I won’t judge!)?

[–]RichardRobertsAuthorChildren’s[S] 1 point 18 days ago

Rahne Sinclair, AKA Wolfsbane, from the very early run of New Mutants. She was a very shy, abused child terrified of her own powers, and I found her empathetic. I still find that version of her empathetic, but Marvel bizarrely decided during one plot sequence to grow her up, put her in an aggressively sexual relationship with a guy she hadn’t known before, and greatly alter her appearance. The original character had been thrown away, and that’s when I dropped superhero comics for a long, long time.

I liked most of the New Mutants a lot, actually, and their back stories were discreetly treated but in some cases very dark. Like, worse than in anything I’ve written dark. I admire both the characters that created and the delicacy with which it was kept in the background. The team got butchered, literally and metaphorically, which was sad.

Let’s see. The Teen Titans cartoon version of Raven is proooobably #2. I love how faithfully they portray her struggle and her tragedy, and I love her physical design, and I love her voice.


[–]Nefir 2 points 18 days ago

Was Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain inspired by any existing superheroes or supervillains?

[–]RichardRobertsAuthorChildren’s[S] 2 points 18 days ago*

Hmmm! Not specifically that I can think of. I snuck two of my characters from City of Heroes in.

But ‘generally’, maybe. I haven’t read superhero comics in a long time, but back around the time dirt was invented I was pretty into them. In particular, I read the New Mutants before Marvel, uh, decided to get edgy and killed half the cast and altered the rest into the exact opposite of their original concepts. Even if I wasn’t specifically thinking of them, there’s no doubt they’re part of how I view superheroes today and must have some influence.

More recently I have widely enjoyed the DC superhero cartoons, from Batman: The Animated Series on. Teen Titans was my favorite of the lot. All this stuff mixes around in a writer’s consciousness, even when it’s not deliberately referenced.


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