The Official Fan Page for Richard Robert's Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Super Villain

The First Blog Post, in the Words of Richard Roberts

We thought the best way to introduce the official fan page of Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Super Villain was with a note from the author, and what better one than this blog host showing the real Richard Roberts the way we all know him best, humble, funny, and entertaining.

‘I am completely dumbfounded.  I think I went from being my publisher’s worst selling author to best selling author in a week.  Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m A Supervillain is selling as well as the best known children’s books, and its sales numbers have kept going up and up.  I’m in about the top 1% of Amazon ebook sales now.  My publisher thinks they can bring that up further.

I’m reeling.  I’ve spent large portions of this week having my friends go ‘Oh, your numbers shot way up again today’ and wandering around bumping into things and giggling the rest of the day.’

For more posts about Roberts many endeavors and personal stories, check out his blog! (p.s. Richard, I think your literary nerd is showing!)


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